Startup Survival Guide

Startup Survival Guide

Dear entrepreneurs,

As the world and humanity goes through a challenging period, we’re all trying our best to follow the news and progress in a calmly manner. Since its emergence, Covid-19 spread rapidly, prompting some permanent changes to our personal relationships as well as our work lives. Besides the news about the life gradually going back to normal in China, unfortunately, the disease still continues to spread and take lives in other parts of the World, primarily Europe.

As the crisis goes on, industries and business models are prone to radical changes. While many industries go through bottleneck, most companies realize that they cannot grow or even survive with their existing business models and methods.

With we are creating a movement that we hope will help you focus on the risks and opportunities that the current situation brings, on reevaluating your operations, and on the actions required to survive and to carry your business to the next level.

Our aim is to, with the input of the entire startup ecosystem, create an environment where startups can move towards a winning business model by providing them with tools and methods that will support these enterprises in finding ways to go through the crisis with minimum damage and ways to rapid growth. /read more

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Covid-19 /add resource

The Coronavirus outbreak, declared as a pandemic on March 11, 2020 by the World Health Organization, has infected more than 1.289.380 people worldwide of which 70.590 died since its emergence late december. Now spread to at least 168 countries, the virus is known to have originated from a seafood and poultry market in Wuhan, China.

It all began when several unknown pneumonia like cases were reported in China in late December. A few days later the researchers in China identified a new virus that caused respiratory illness. Soon after other countries began reporting cases of the new Coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Countries began putting in place some preventative measures beginning with travel restrictions and going as far as governmental lockdowns. However, despite the efforts to contain the virus, Covid-19 spread rapidly, distressing not only the health sector but also the economy and the businesses.

Impact /add resource

As Covid-19 continues to spread rapidly, the preventive measures, such as travel restrictions and lockdowns, taken both by public and private sectors coupled with the changes and disruptions in demand for goods and services are affecting the global economies, stock markets, and industries worldwide.

BBC reports that “the FTSE, Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nikkei have all seen huge falls since the outbreak began on 31 December”. Moreover, the central banks in more than 50 countries are cutting the interest rate in efforts to strengthen their economies.

Through this process, airline companies along with the travel and hospitality sectors took the biggest hit, closely followed by the retail sector, as the production and manufacturing experienced disruptions.

Overall, the investments are put on hold. Unemployment is expected to rise whereas wages are expected to fall.


The most affected industries /add resource

  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Oil & Gas

Rising industries /add resource

  • E-commerce
  • WFH tools
  • Online businesses
  • Gig economy
  • Telemedicine
  • Medical supplies & pharmaceuticals


Crisis Management /add resource

You should start by asking these Questions /add resource

  • Defining the crisis
  • What’s our position?
  • What this crisis will bring to us?

Then, once you’ve answered those questions continue by Creating Plans /add resource

  • Crisis Management
  • Business continuity plan
  • Communication Plans
    • Internal
    • External


As a next step communicate to the stakeholder who are listed below and manage Stakeholders’ Relations /add resource

  • Customer
  • Partner
  • Investor
  • Board
  • Team
  • Service providers


Conducting a multi-faceted Company Health Check is crucial. Here are the most important categories that you should pay attention to analyze /add resource

  • Customers
  • Business model
  • Business plan
  • Team
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Financials
  • Legal


Once you complete the company health check to determine the current condition of your business, it’s time to move on to the New phase, where you’ll evaluate how you might adapt to the changing environment. Here are the three important steps of the New Phase /add resource

  • Risk mapping
  • Exploring opportunities
  • Establishment of new strategy


Optimization /add resource

Here you can find the steps of the optimization phase. These are some general tools and as you scroll you’ll find more specific ones.

  • How to make money
    • Business Model
    • Business Plan
  • How to extend runway
    • Infrastructure
    • Operations
    • Headcount
    • Compensation
    • Marketing expenses
    • Office related expenses and capital expenses
    • Managing cash flow
    • Customer & investor relations
    • Agreements
  • Working from home
    • Alignment
    • Communication
    • Tools
    • Teaching & Learning Source
    • Performance


Funding & Support Mechanism /add resource

  • Lower cost loans
  • Investments


Contributors /let’s contribute

Agah Uğur


Ahmet Onur

Kolektif House

Ahmet Tosun


Ali Karabey


Ali Rıza Babaoğlan

Grow in EMEA

Ali Servet Eyüboğlu

English Ninjas

Arda Aşkın


Arın Özkula

Revo Capital

Aslı Kurul Türkmen


Asude Altıntaş Güray

Twin Science & Robotics

Ata Uzunhasan

Galata Business Angels

Baran Öncel


Barış Okur


Barış Özistek

Boğaziçi Ventures

Başak Önen

Mentoro Platformu

Başar Kaya

Sabancı Üniversitesi Inovent

Bora Şahinoğlu

Mentor Effect

Bora Yılmaz

Burçak Çakır


Can Dörtkardeşler


Cem Önce

Mentor Effect

Dilek Dayınlarlı


Duygu Öktem Clark

DO Venture Partners

Ebru Yıldırım


Emin Okutan


Emre Ölçer


Enis Erden Yurdatapan


Enis Hulli

500 Startups

Engin Can Kurt


Ercüment İnanç


Ergin Eroğlu


Erkmen Erakkuş


Erman Turan


Ersin Pamuksüzer

The LifeCo

Fatih Mehmet Babacan

Quick Execution

Fatih Mustafa Çelebi


Günce Önür

Startup Wise Guys

Haluk Nişli

Thread in Motion

Hazal Özkan

Mentor Effect

Hilmi Öğütcü


İlknur İlkyaz Gül

Growth Circuit

İpek Çeliksöz


İsa Korkmaz


Kadir Demircioğlu

Thread in Motion

Koray Bahar


Levent Erden

Next Akademi & Bilgi Üniversitesi

Merve Gürel

Kolektif House

Murat Selek

Mentor Effect

Mustafa Gencoğlu


Naci Kahraman


Okan Utkueri

Angel Effect

Olcay Ungun

Angel Effect

Onur Candan


Orhan Bayram

Angel Effect

Osman Koç


Özgür Zan


Serkan Kağan Çelik


Serkan Ünsal

Sinan Güler

SG Accelerator

Soner Canko


Sure Köse Ulutaş

Coronathon Türkiye

Şahin Tulga

Mentoro Platform

Tunç Berkman

TBS Investment

Umutcan Duman


Yücel Faruk Şahan

Girişim Fabrikası

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