Dear entrepreneurs,

Dear entrepreneurs,

As the world and humanity goes through a challenging period, we’re all trying our best to follow the news and progress in a calmly manner. Since its emergence, Covid-19 spread rapidly, prompting some permanent changes to our personal relationships as well as our work lives. Besides the news about the life gradually going back to normal in China, unfortunately, the disease still continues to spread and take lives in other parts of the World, primarily Europe.

As the crisis goes on, industries and business models are prone to radical changes. While many industries go through bottleneck, most companies realize that they cannot grow or even survive with their existing business models and methods.

With we are creating a movement that we hope will help you focus on the risks and opportunities that the current situation brings, on reevaluating your operations, and on the actions required to survive and to carry your business to the next level.

Our aim is to, with the input of the entire startup ecosystem, create an environment where startups can move towards a winning business model by providing them with tools and methods that will support these enterprises in finding ways to go through the crisis with minimum damage and ways to rapid growth.

In this environment, we will bring together tools, checklists, lists of resources, and a curation of niche sources specific to industries and business models.

Each weekday evening between 5.00pm and 5.30pm we will hold live sessions to convey methods in targeted topics to help light the way of companies from different points of view. During these sessions we will tackle issues like optimization practices for the survival of startups, risks and opportunities of business and work models, and the current situation as well as the room for change, improvement and growth in the end-to-end value chain. Anyone can join these sessions and ask questions during the sessions. If the session duration does not allow us to discuss all the questions, we will post the answers on our blog with more details on the discussed topics and announce the updates here.

Those who want to be a part of this movement can;

  • Send speaker suggestions to
  • Send speaker applications to
  • Join as a contributor by clicking the “/let’s contribute” button in contributors section and sharing details.
  • Send resource suggestions by clicking the “Add Resource” button in the resources section and then putting down the category title and the link.
  • Join as a partner by clicking the “/join us” button in the partner section and sharing their company and contact details.

This movement is open to everyone and we believe it will grow with the support of our trusted people and companies.

We will together emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, like any other, stronger and will support rapidly growing enterprises in the changing and improving business world.

Survival Path team

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